Codemotion 2015

The week after the PyConES, I attended to the Codemotion 2015. It is a multitudinary event that summons developers and techies from different communities and languages. The event lasts two days, I was not able to attend on Friday so my review is based exclusively on what I saw on Saturday.

Roberto Perez (@hylian) gave the talk Rust, el lenguaje que sustituirá a C y C++. I had a vague idea about Rust and after the talk I would definitely give it a try. Memory safe, easy embbedable, immutability by default and many other features that rock!

Sven Peters (@svenpet) talked about Coding Culture. He described several practices that Atlassian has put into practice around coding culture and happiness, as:

  • Give the employees time to innovate
  • Stop & celebrate the culture rockstars (small & big wins)
  • Use a mood app (to daily seize the overall happyiness)
  • Write down and make explicit your engineering values
  • Strive for transparency. Prefer chat and other persistent technologies to discuss because their nature is more inclusive

Nathan Sowatskey (@nathandotto) presented DevOps4Networks, a talk introducting the concepts of DevOps and Software Defined Networks. He explained that the separation between a data plane that could be implemented via ordinary networking hardware, and a control plane using open standards, is the keystone of SDN. He talked about the promising OpenDayLight project, that aims to abstract heterogeneous network hardware, providing virtualized networking functions with a REST interface. Amazing!

Luis García (@luiyo) spoke about Concerning Governance in Programming Languages. A refreshing talk about a topic that is not usually subject of discussion in this kind of events: the code governance in the different programming languages. He dissected one by one more than ten different languages and analyzed them according to parameters such as: licensing, openness of the commitees or other groups that drive the development of the language and accesibility for newcomers. I really recommend you to navigate the slides as you may find many surprising facts (and you’ll find even a magic cuadrant!)

Luis Martínez (@lasote) explaned how we can deploy containers on Core OS: Tu infraestructura escalable y reproducible. Nice intro to CoreOS, systemd, etcd and the like.

The last talk I attended to was from Miguel Ángel López (@miguelangel_lv) and José Juan Sánchez (@josejuansanchez) and it was entitled Gente que hace cosas con cacharros. Super funny talk, with live demos as the tetris tie, the banana music keyboard, the LCD-powered bonsai and many more. They belong the the Hacklab Almería project, and it seems that they are very active in teaching people how to make. Keep up the good work!