Chaos Monkey talk at OWASP Meetup

Yesterday I gave a brief introductory talk at the OWASP Madrid Meetup: "Haciendo el (Chaos) Monkey" (I gave it in Spanish). These are the links to the video and the slides.

dotGo 2016

This week I have attended to the dotGo2016 conference in Paris. It is a one-day, one-track, 20-minutes-per-talk conference. Very few laptops, people were really focused attending to the dense talks. Here I will highlight some concepts that I have found interesting in some of the talks:

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An intro to Hypothesis

I have recently listened to the Episode 67 of the TalkPython podcast, which is an interview with David MacIver, the primary author of the Hypothesis Python library.

The concept of property based testing immediately caught my attention so I decided to give it try.

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Caddy 0.9 has arrived

Yesterday, Matt Holt announced the 0.9 Release of Caddy server. It is not a normal release, there are very important changes in the project. Let's see some of them.

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PyData 2016 Madrid

Recently I have attended to the PyData 2016 conference held in Madrid. It has been a two-days single-tracked conference covering aspects of Python and data science. I will try to share some links and comments of that have been more relevant to me.

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Bringing SSL/TLS and HTTP/2 with Caddy

Some weeks ago, Fernando gave a very interesting talk about Caddy and HTTP/2 at the Madrid Golang users group meetup. It immediately caught my attention and decided to get hands on with it.

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FOSDEM 2016 Day Two

On Sunday, I attended to some talks in the Configuration Management devroom. These are the notes and links from the talks.

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FOSDEM 2016 Day One

A week ago I went to FOSDEM 2016. On the first day, I attended to some talks in the Python devroom and in the Containers and Process Isolation devroom. These are some notes and links from the talks.

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Implementing an Ansible ChatOps bot

After watching the talk ChatOps at GiHub I decided to make a simple ChatOps bot to be able to issue one-liner Ansible commands from a Slack channel. Basically, I didn't want to open the VPN for making quick-and-dirty operations :-)

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Codemotion 2015

The week after the PyConES, I attended to the Codemotion 2015. It is a multitudinary event that summons developers and techies from different communities and languages. The event lasts two days, I was not able to attend on Friday so my review is based exclusively on what I saw on Saturday.

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