Last weekend I have attended FOSDEM 2018. This year, I have spent the saturday attending the Go devroom. It has been quite exhausting (I wasn’t able even to go the bathroom if I didn’t want to lose my seat) but since this devroom is so crowded, it seems the only possible way. These are the links of some talks that have been specially interesting to me, many talks were recorded so if the videos are not available in the linked pages, just wait a few more days:

  • Gildas Chabot (@gildaschabot) introduced the project upspin. A very interesting idea from Rob Pike to expand the idea of namespaces to your data. Link
  • Sam Boyer (@sdboyer) explained how to use dep, the Go dependency management tool. Short talk but straight to the point, showing the basics of the tool and the usual workflow for it. Link
  • Jaana Dogan (a.k.a JBD) (@rakyll) gave a master lesson on how Google implements observability in their services. With a label-based approach, creating traces or deriving metrics and even flame diagrams seems simpler. Link
  • Ron Evans (@deadprogram) demoed the GoCV library and showed how a computer-vision-powered drone blurred our faces in real-time. Very exciting! Link
  • Greg Di Stefano explained many interesting aspects of recent botnets as Mirai or BrickerBot and highlighted some problems that this kind of threats have put into stage such as the lack of investment in security for cheap hardware. Some solutions as a reliable OTA update systems have been proposed. Link
  • Jon Masters (@jonmasters) closed the conference with a keynote explaining the theoretical basis of the recent vulnerabilities such as Meltdown and Spectre. I really recommend watching the video