PyData 2016 Madrid

Recently I have attended to the PyData 2016 conference held in Madrid. It has been a two-days single-tracked conference covering aspects of Python and data science. I will try to share some links and comments of that have been more relevant to me. Christine Doig (@ch_doing) opened the conference with a keynote entitled The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Data Science. Christine works at Continuum, one of the companies leading the data science revolution in the Python ecosystem. [Read More]

Bringing SSL/TLS and HTTP/2 with Caddy

Some weeks ago, Fernando gave a very interesting talk about Caddy and HTTP/2 at the Madrid Golang users group meetup. It immediately caught my attention and decided to get hands on with it. Basically, Caddy is a web server that implements the HTTP/2 protocol for the modern web. This version provides many advantages over HTTP/1.1 as multiplexing and TLS by default. For me, the selling points of Caddy are two: [Read More]

FOSDEM 2016 Day Two

On Sunday, I attended to some talks in the Configuration Management devroom. These are the notes and links from the talks. Arthur Lutz (@arthurlutz) talked about After describing your infrastructure as code, reuse that to monitor it. He presented an architecture in which he ran the Munin monitoring directly from Salt minions. It was interesting to see the variety of metrics they are currently watching. Marco Ceppi (@marcoceppi) gave a talk entitled Beyond config management: Tackling orchestration and modelling on top of config management. [Read More]

FOSDEM 2016 Day One

A week ago I went to FOSDEM 2016. On the first day, I attended to some talks in the Python devroom and in the Containers and Process Isolation devroom. These are some notes and links from the talks. The first three talks belonged the the Python devroom cycle. Jordi Soucherion (@jordixou) talked about Python tips, tricks and dark magic. Nice fast-paced list of quick tricks, specially suited for beginners. Nonetheless, I learned a couple of new tricks, like the fact that finally always executes, even if we return in the except block. [Read More]

Implementing an Ansible ChatOps bot

After watching the talk ChatOps at GiHub I decided to make a simple ChatOps bot to be able to issue one-liner Ansible commands from a Slack channel. Basically, I didn’t want to open the VPN for making quick-and-dirty operations :-) So I decided to try Errbot, a Pythonic library for creating chatbots that supports many backends out-of-the-box, including Slack. The library is very easy to use, you just have to install it, make a config. [Read More]

Codemotion 2015

The week after the PyConES, I attended to the Codemotion 2015. It is a multitudinary event that summons developers and techies from different communities and languages. The event lasts two days, I was not able to attend on Friday so my review is based exclusively on what I saw on Saturday. Roberto Perez (@hylian) gave the talk Rust, el lenguaje que sustituirĂ¡ a C y C++. I had a vague idea about Rust and after the talk I would definitely give it a try. [Read More]

PyConES 2105

Last month, I attended the 2015 edition of the PyConES, probably the most important national Python event of the year. The talks spanned the entire weekend and there were also workshops (as the one from Django Girls) during the previous Friday. The conference started with the keynote for Yamila Moreno (@yamila_moreno) entitled Python y Plutarco, el poder de una historia. A talk about diversity in the Python community that I recommend you to watch (hopefully the video will be online), because it is good food for thought. [Read More]

Dockercon EU 2015 Day Two

The General session of day two was focused on the solutions layer of the Docker ecosystem: Mariana Tessel explained the automated builds 2.0, that allow per-repo dedicated builders and dynamic matching (regex for branches and tags), and presented Tutum as the official CaaS (container-as-a-service) provided by Docker and fully integrated with docker-compose Scott Johnston (@scottcjohnston) and Nathan McCauley talked about the Docker Trusted Registry and the Docker Universal Control Plane. The latter is promising tool with an appealing web UI focused on deploying containers over different providers (AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean, SoftLayer) using the same Docker API. [Read More]

Dockercon EU 2015 Day One

I’ve just arrived from Dockercon EU 2015 and it has been a really interesting thematic conference. This is the first post of a series of two posts, in which I will share some picks and links of the talks I have attended to. The General session was performed by Ben Golub (@golubbe), Solomon Hykes (@solomonstre) and Aanand Prasad (@aanandprasad), among others. It gave a high-level view about news in the Docker ecosystem. [Read More]

Big Data Spain 2015

This week I have attended the Big Data Spain 2015 conference. The format of this conference is: 2 tracks with no thematic separation Spanned over 2 days Talk duration around 45 minutes length, except some lightning talks (appropriately named talkreduce()) of 15 minutes or so I would like to share some links and notes on some talks and ideas that I have picked. Paco Nathan (@pacoid) did a news recap in his talk about Data Science in 2016: Moving up with (literally) tons of links to different sources. [Read More]